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Dip Into Japanese Reality With Yakuza 5

Dip Into Japanese Reality With Yakuza 5

Recently released game Yakuza 5 shows the life of the criminal world in Japan, where gangsters are scheming, and the honest heroes are fighting for justice. However, the main plot is centered on villains, and the game is really about losing yourself in hobbies and competing dance battles. Reading this Yakuza 5 review you will find out how a combination of different genres makes this game so special and unique.

The developers of Yakuza 5 created a mix of a thrilling video game emulator, taxicab simulator, fishing and hunting game, as well as two completely different rhythm games. Despite each Yakuza 5 minigame can not be called a good product in itself, their strange combination forms a game, which is a good deal better than the sum of its parts.

Yakuza 5 does an excellent job immersing you into the Japanese reality by telling you the stories of five characters that are seemingly unrelated. One of the lead heroes, Kazuma Kiryu, a gangster-turned-cab driver, is making considerable efforts to quit the criminal life and get into polite society. But he is constantly pulled back into yakuza scandals, which could destroy a fragile ceasefire between two gangster families. The game gradually plunges you into human drama by placing the characters into a series of tragic events. The scenes of explosive combat are interlaced with clips of daily life in Japan; this give you an opportunity to relax and have some fun.


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