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Destiny 2: What Is Trials Of The Nine? How To Get Started

Destiny 2: What Is Trials Of The Nine? How To Get Started

New content for Destiny 2 continues to roll out. Following the Leviathan Raid earlier this week, Crucible players now have a high-end challenge as well. Trials of the Nine is now available, but only for a limited time.

There are a number of pre-requisites for accessing Trials of the Nine, as it’s not intended for just anyone. Like other Crucible modes, Trials is a 4v4 mode, but it’s one that Bungie describes as “high intensity.” To participate, you’ll need to have completed the campaign, fulfilled the Call to Arms Milestone (where you simply play enough Crucible matches before the weekly reset) at least once, and have a Power level of at least 260.

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While you’ll have to tick all of those boxes to even be allowed in, you’ll also need to form a Fireteam in advance. Additionally, Trials is one of Destiny 2’s activities where your equipment is locked, so be sure to review what you have equipped and get ready before diving in.

Provided none of that stands in your way, Trials will pit you against other teams of four in an attempt to win a total of seven matches before losing three. Successfully doing so will complete the newly added Trials of the Nine Milestone, the reward for which is Spire access. Trials progress reportedly resets as part of the aforementioned weekly reset. We’ll report back as more details about Trials are uncovered, but in the meantime, you can see the new social space (of sorts) and its vendor in the gallery above.


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