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Destiny 2 PC Patch Coming Tomorrow

Destiny 2 PC Patch Coming Tomorrow

Bungie is updating the PC version of Destiny 2 again. The developer has announced that a “hotfix” is coming out tomorrow, November 6. The patch aims to fix the “hitching” issues that popped up in Destiny 2’s PC version after the release of

That patch came out last week. Specific to PC, it fixed a problem with clan rosters not showing up as they should, along with an issue for when the game’s performance would drop during lengthy play sessions. This patch also made changes to the Faction Token system and several tweaks to the Crucible experience.

You can see the patch notes here.

Tomorrow’s PC hotfix comes just before Destiny 2’s weekly reset. This happens in the early hours US time every Tuesday, with a new Nightfall Strike and milestone progress for certain activities being reset at that time, among other things.

In other Destiny news, the game’s first expansion, Curse of Osiris, launches in December for all platforms. In addition to adding new content, it raises the level cap to 25 (up from 20) and boosts the Power level ceiling to 330 (up from 300).


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