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Destiny 2 Clan Features Are Now Live, Here's How To Get Started

Destiny 2 Clan Features Are Now Live, Here's How To Get Started

Destiny 2‘s new clan functionality is set to be important, as it not only allows people to form a group together, but it also serves as the backbone for the new Guided Games feature. Destiny 2 launched earlier this week without clan features activated in-game, but after a few-day wait, they’ve (partially) come online.

Specifically, clan progression has been activated. That means clans that have formed can begin gaining experience and working toward unlocking rewards. If you’re already logged into the game, you may need to sign out and then sign back in for the functionality to show up. In order to earn XP for your clan, it will need at least two members, and you’ll need to have a clan banner in your inventory. You can obtain this by talking to Hawthorne with each of your characters once you’ve joined a clan.

Bungie has also highlighted some other key facts about clans on its website. Clan members taking part in activities adds XP up to a maximum for the week, which is set back to zero after the weekly reset. There are also weekly milestones for additional rewards, as well as weekly clan Engrams (which require at least half of the fireteam in an activity to be members of the clan). Clans earn perks as they accumulate XP, with this level being wiped out with the seasonal reset.

While progression is available, the in-game clan roster still is not. Bungie said in a tweet that this will be coming “at a later date,” but did not indicate why. Given the amount of players that have been online–necessitating the use of a server queue–it’s possible that this is disabled as a means to alleviate pressure on Bungie’s servers.

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