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Demon hunters, new locations, raids and artifacts: Blizzard announced Warcraft update

Demon hunters, new locations, raids and artifacts: Blizzard announced Warcraft update

The Warcraft universe Azeroth is going to experience a new peace shattering event as the Burning Legion returns. The upcoming WoW expansion named “Legion” has a lot of new things to surprise including a new location, new systems and arms. The update brings a new continent which will be presented as the Broken Isles, brand new roundups and dungeons, artifacts, a new class of powerful demon hunters and of course, the weapons.

Fans of WoW tried to guess some particulars about the new continent that turned out to actually be an archipelago located in the center of Azeroth. These isles are an ancient forgotten place which used to be the starting point for the evolution of the civilization of the community of Night Elves.  Now it is considered to be a cemetery with WoW hidden gateways to the endless amount of worlds. One of the worlds is called Sargeras Tomb, we can learn something about it from a short video presentation. The intense start of the war is shown as one of the most massive and epic invasions in the history of the Warcraft world started by Guldan. At least everything points at his fault.

So your task is to stop the enemy invasion and there are several key points that will help you achieve this goal. Updated artifacts will definitely play right into your hands. This kind of arms is undoubtedly strong enough to fight against the invaders. The developers gave us an option to modify the weapons with specializations, of which there are 36 variants to satisfy each player’s taste.

Blizzard developers had an idea to create more dungeons for the Legion expansion. There are, for example the beautifully constructed Valor Halls — a realized fairy of gold as a reminiscence of Valhalla. Other dungeons are a mountain armory, a vault, a thick of forest, a lair and city.

Of course, there will also be new raids. The boss raid Emerald Nightmare and ten more bosses you can fight in Suramar Palace, the whole location seems to be an open elven settlement.

The demon hunters’ update gives users a completely new experience as they start from the highest level. There are some specializations here too: vengeance and havoc. Among their features there are explosions and wall-hack.

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