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Celebrities Who Are Video Games Addicts

Celebrities Who Are Video Games Addicts

It seems that today we know everything about our favorite celebs. We can easily name their favorite dishes, the places they were born, and the names of all their relatives. However, what about their diversions? Did you know that some of your favorite movie stars, sportsmen, and singers are actually famous gamers? Yes, there are many celebrities who play video games and get excited about them as much as you do. We have prepared the list of such celebrities so that you know who your famous gaming buddies could be.

Megan Fox

The star of Transformers and the world-famous model Megan Fox is one of the hottest female gamers on our list. The beautiful actress says that her favorite video game is Mortal Kombat, confessing that it works great with her brain. Megan Fox can also be easily called a Halo fan. For instance, the actress likes to play Halo: Reach online. By the way, male players often criticize the model for girly gaming without understanding how lucky they are. Who knows, maybe next time you play your favorite video game, the person behind the GamerTag will be Megan Fox. So be prepared!


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