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  • Celebrities Who Are Video Games Addicts

    Celebrities Who Are Video Games Addicts0

    It seems that today we know everything about our favorite celebs. We can easily name their favorite dishes, the places they were born, and the names of all their relatives. However, what about their diversions? Did you know that some of your favorite movie stars, sportsmen, and singers are actually famous gamers? Yes, there are

  • Unravel: Little Yarny Will Touch Your Heart

    Unravel: Little Yarny Will Touch Your Heart0

    There are few days left before the Unravel release on Feb. 9, 2016, so let us find out why this game appeared to be on the list of the most expected games of February. After the announcment of its release last year at the EA 2015 press conference, this game seemed to stand out in

  • Get Healthier by Playing Games!

    Get Healthier by Playing Games!0

    Did you know, that spending some time playing one of your favorite video games may have some really impressive health benefits? According to a number of recent studies, video games may be used as an alternative treatment for PTSD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and even motor weakness. GamesDailyNews will tell you about the various health problems