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Cannibal-Slasher The Forest Is Coming To PS4 In 2018

Cannibal-Slasher The Forest Is Coming To PS4 In 2018

This weekend’s PlayStation Experience has showed us a great number of new game reveals and announcements, and Endnight’s The Forest is no exception. Debuting with a brand-new trailer, the survival horror title is making its way to PS4 in Spring 2018.

After surviving a plane crash that lands in a forest, you’re left to fend for yourself. You’ll get to enjoy the simple things in life such as fishing, exploring, building forts and the like–but uh, sprinkle some flesh-starved cannibals in there for good measure.

Where this steps aside from the usual survival horror game is that it doesn’t have any sort of NPC guidance. There is no quest system, and there is no clear story line to follow. As the player, you truly are left to your own devices to figure out how the world works, and how to stay alive until the sun rises again.

We first saw The Forest in 2013 as an early access title for Steam on PC. Since then, the game still hasn’t quite reached a full launch, but it has been iterated on with guidance from its community. This weekend’s announcement did not detail if the PS4 launch will be a full or early access launch.


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