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Bringing New Interface and Windows 10 to Xbox One

Bringing New Interface and Windows 10 to Xbox One

Last week, Microsoft released a new update for its console, Xbox One. According to the company’s chief marketing officer Mike Nichols, it is one of the largest updates in the history of consoles. In fact, Microsoft has been testing the New Xbox One Experience for months now. Among other improvements, the most significant are the interface revamp, backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games and the introduction of Windows 10 as an underlying operating system for the console.

The new Xbox update brings significant changes, which may greatly benefit the company. Microsoft released the update at the right time—the competition between Xbox and Play Station has reached its peak, and Microsoft had to make some drastic modifications to its product. The company expects a large increase in the number of new users after the introduction of new exclusive games and transferring Xbox 360 titles to Xbox One, thus hoping that the players will migrate as well.


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