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Best Star Wars Mods You Should Try at Least Once

Best Star Wars Mods You Should Try at Least Once

There are two types of gamers—those who like game mods and those who are absolutely against them, and both sides have strong arguments. Mod-lovers will try to convince you that modding opens an entirely new world, enhances the universe you love and adds bright colors (or dull ones, if you are installing some kind of gothic mod) to the gaming process. On the contrary, their opponents believe this is just a waste of computer resources and a loss to game speed simply for changing the character’s skin or hair color.  No matter which opinion you support, you will turn into a true fan of modding after trying these Star Wars mods.

Tides of War for Freelancer. This mod is a great mix of perfectly matching universes of Freelancer and Star Wars made by enthusiast modders several years ago, yet it is still one of the most popular game extensions. The action is set in the time period after Emperor Palpatine’s fatal expedition to the reactor core when a war—a star war, as you have probably guessed—evolved and rebels gained power.

Star Wars: Requiem for Sins of a Solar Empire. This mod is significant because of its unusual approach. Unlike others, Requiem does not try to replace every aspect of the universe used.  In this mod, creators try to show us what it would be like if the two universes (Star Wars and Sins of a Solar Empire) existed simultaneously from the very outset.

Conquest for Mount & Blade mod was meant to mix the immiscible—remote futurity and medieval times. Based on medieval Mount & Blade: Warband, it integrates the entire Star Wars universe, including space travel, lightsabers, Star Wars races, and speeders.

Warlords for Homeworld 2 has already earned the title of the most impressive Star Wars universe conversion ever made to any comics or films franchise. The scale is unbelievably huge, including the tiniest details from the films plus the expanded universe novels by Yuuzhan Vong. Try at least these four Star Wars mods, and your attitude towards them will change forever.

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