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Best Games on Google Play to Try Right Now

Best Games on Google Play to Try Right Now

Choosing the best game is totally a matter of taste. However, with the development of modern technology, many people can vote for the game or application they like the most. This way, a democratic choice can be made. So let us see what games the users rated as the best games on Google Play.

For those of you who love mobile shooters, we have two ideas: Dead Effect 2 and Dead Trigger2 by MadFinger Games. There is actually something very special about the graphics in these two games. So you need a powerful device to enjoy the detailed fights, the realistic shooting, and the stunning effects. Another shooter you should definitely try at least once is called Hopeless: The Dark Cave. It is horror, cuteness, and humor mixed together. Though the graphics may be not as stunning as in the two mentioned before, this is a game with charisma. To try something new but with elements of shooting and an obscure atmosphere, we also suggest Fallout Shelter.

Our list continues with two games you must have heard of—if you have not, you are not from Earth. We are talking about Angry Birds and Candy Crush. These two are not just mobile apps, they are already cultural phenomena! Check out the new cool updates in case you have not done so yet.

Another iconic game is Plants vs. Zombies. The new version of the game will impress you with new types of plants, zombies, and various power-ups. The game is free, like everything on this list, but you can spend money on extra lives, powers, etc. if you want to.

And here are some more of the best games on Google Play for relaxation: the super-cool Skywards and TwoDots. Though the gameplays are completely different, they are similar due to the unique and catchy style. In Skywards, you need to guide two circles—blue and red—through the splendid Escher-looking levels. If you are too slow, the circles will shrink to nothing, and you will have to start from the beginning. TwoDots is also based on doing something with small circles. This time, you have to connect as many of them as you can reach in one move of your finger. The game is minimalistic and simple, so you will not need long tutorials and instructions.

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