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Best Games of Different Genres That Take Place in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Best Games of Different Genres That Take Place in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The year 2015 was declared the official year of Jedis, stormtroopers, Yoda, and lightsabers. All fans of this space saga were excited to watch the new episode of Star Wars after ten years of silence. But the next movie will be released only in 2017! Devoted fans have already started the countdown for the upcoming episode release, but how are we supposed to entertain ourselves until then? The answer is very simple: to play spectacular Star Wars-themed games.

Now everyone can play with favorite characters, enjoy the legendary soundtracks and, of course, immerse in the great nostalgic atmosphere. But some games combine the “old-school” Star Wars traditions with new fresh ideas or characters of others gaming universes. These games and mods will not let you get bored while waiting for the eighth episode release.

Star Wars Battlefront

In 2015, this marvel of Electronic Arts multiplied the amazing success of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. The developers put their hearts and souls into this epic project. The fans of the film can enjoy the magnificent landscapes of distant planets from all Star Wars movies. You can even stroll along Jakku deserts from the last movie and see the giant abandoned starships.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

This LEGO masterpiece allows you to see all episodes from the comic side. It will be suitable for adults who are still keen on Star Wars and for their children. This stunning game retells the plot of six episodes of Star Wars, enriching it with funny scenes and brilliant jokes. Every player can control the actions and decisions of the main and secondary characters.

However, many positive characters died during those six episodes. To protect your kids from the cruel scenes, the game developers invented a great trick. All combats and battles are simplistic and sometimes even funny. All in all, this game is a must-play for all ages.

Mount and Blade

Of course, this game does not refer to Star Wars. But Mount and Blade: Warband Star Wars game mode takes every player to the crazy universe, where noble medieval knights fight with… stormtroopers! A wide range of weapons, magnificent soundtracks, and improved graphics of this mod have been winning the hearts of gamers for almost four years. Undoubtedly, it is the most unusual mixture of gaming worlds you have ever seen.

These are only three of the amazing Star Wars games, but we decided to choose the most unusual ones. So, now you know what to do in your spare time to distract yourself from the dull routine. Let the Force be with you!

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