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Best Fantasy MMORPGs for Android Platform

Best Fantasy MMORPGs for Android Platform

Do you want to become a dragon rider? Or how about saving a charming princess from an evil wizard? All these activities and even more are open for the owners of Android smartphones. Such a great game genre as MMORPG allows everyone to experience amazing fantasy adventures. So, if you are a fan of discovering unreal worlds and communicating with other players, check out this list of the three epic online multiplayer RPGs for Android! Some of them can easily excel even the top pc rpgs.

Brave Trials

The players of this online game are just crazy about its colorful cartoon-like graphics. Moreover, everyone can create a unique path of development for the chosen character. This way, every gamer creates his own style of fighting or witchcraft. Brave Trials also offers a wide variety of game modes that include PvP, Quest, Party Trials, and many others.

Developers of this app often surprise players with special packs of interesting upgrades.

Eternity Warriors 4

Even the name of this MMORPG sounds epic. Indeed, players fall in love with this fantasy saga from the very first fight! You will find this game enjoyable if you are searching for something with RPG features but not as social. It means that you can take part in a single player session that does not require communicating with other players. Also, it is very difficult to get bored with Eternity Warriors as game developers always keep things fresh and add something new almost every week.

Order and Chaos Online 2

The famous predecessor of this great app made a great impression on all RPG lovers. That is why its talented developers decided not to rest on their laurels and create the sequel to Order and Chaos. New game’s universe is open and full of challenges. It offers dangerous missions and captivating quests. Here you will need to improve your crafting skills constantly to get better equipment.

Your only difficulty will be to choose your fighter from five unique races. After that, chose your game class and do not hesitate to discover PvP, co-operation, or any other game mode. As the game is still developing, some unpleasant bugs can pop up. But frequent packs of updates will definitely make them disappear.

Obviously, MMORPG genre caught its second wind. Android devices allow you to dive into the fantasy world everywhere, even if you are far away from home. The only magic tools are fast Wi-Fi and the desire to play.

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