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Best 5 Games on Google Play to Try if You Are Bored

Best 5 Games on Google Play to Try if You Are Bored

A new gaming year has just started, but the world has already seen some cool releases, and more are to come. But we also had some great games back in 2015. Some of them were released last year, others are way, way older and have already become legendary in the gaming world. So what are the best games on Google Play so far, according to the collective ratings?

You must have heard of Cut the Rope, a puzzle game centered around feeding a cute green monster with candies. You have to solve different logical tasks to deliver the candy to the monster (he is even called Om Nom!). Be careful unless you want to see that sad and hungry look.

Another great kind of games you should try is called “tower defense.” The name is self-explanatory. It means you have to protect some base from the evil creatures or any other kind of enemies that try to invade it. Here we suggest trying Plants vs Zombies (you have probably heard of it), Defense Zone 2, and Castle Defense.

For RPG and shooter-lovers, Android Market also has some great offers. Dragon Heroes is a shooter that adds some diversity to the genre. While progressing through the game, you unlock different heroes with diverse skills, which you are supposed to upgrade. Moreover, the game has a decent plot and nice graphics.

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead franchise, do not miss its Android edition. The game is mainly centered on base-building in order to help the humanity haunted by zombies get back on its feet. But outside your base, you need to go on raids and complete missions, so the game has enough of RPG elements.

Marvel Future Fight is a highly immersive RPG based on the Marvel universe. You start with a team of three (Capitan America, Iron Man, and Black Widow), but as you progress, you can open new heroes and add them to the gang. You can also switch between them while you play. The game would be a great addition to the Marvel universe, regardless of whether you are a fan or not. If you have ever heard something about Marvel and comics, then download and try this.

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