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Be ready to see (and to listen to!) Fallout 4

Be ready to see (and to listen to!) Fallout 4

An upcoming part of the Fallout series is going to be even more intriguing and surprising than we thought. Bethesda Studios has shared more interesting details about the Fallout 4 game via its Twitter. “Many years of Fallout 4 recording complete!” This message could seem to be a joke, if not the next one: “Just over 111k lines.”

Try to imagine that. Over 111,000 of lines and dialogs, more than 400 hours of gameplay. Fallout 4 is going to be an extremely large game. According to Bethesda developers, they had to create more dialogs than for both Skyrim and Fallout 3. Most of it belongs to the game’s protagonist the Sole Survivor. Since a gamer can choose the gender of their character, the Fallout and Skyrim creators needed to record two separate sets, for both a male and a female characters.

Along with these awesome news, we have got a very sad one. Eric Todd Delumns, Three Dog’s voice in Fallout 3, did not take part in the voice recording process for the new game. Famous radio DJ confirmed this in one of his recent posts on Twitter.

The giant dialogs will not be the only one innovation in the upcoming game. Earlier on QuakeCon, Bethesda has uncovered some intriguing details about the game’s leveling system. Fallout 4 will let you to level up over 70 different Perks in seven various categories. More traditional Skills will not be used anymore.

All the perks will be tied to S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats. Each letter represents one of the categories: S for Strength, P for Perception, E for Endurance, C for Charisma, I for Intelligence, A for Agility and finally L for Luck. There will also be a special XP (experience) system tied to each of the perks.

Get a Fallout 4 figurine collection

For those Fallout fans who cannot wait until November release of Fallout 4 there is one more reason to remain calm. Along with the game’s launch, Bethesda is going to release a special series of Fallout-styled figurines. The first photos of a still unpainted figurine were revealed on game developers’ official Twitter. The creator of incredibly realistic toys is a Hong Kong-based company ThreeZero.

The new toys will be available near the Fallout 4 official launch on November 10.


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