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Armed Robbers Target Pokemon Go Players, Police Say

Armed Robbers Target Pokemon Go Players, Police Say

Following a report about a woman finding a dead body while playing Pokemon Go comes another wild story about the hugely popular mobile game.

Authorities in O’Fallon, Missouri today wrote on Facebook that armed robbers are targeting Pokemon Go players. Here is the statement:

“This morning at approximately 2 AM we responded to the report of an armed robbery near the intersection of Highway K and Feise Road. We were able to locate four suspects occupying a black BMW a short time later and recover a handgun. These suspects are suspected of multiple armed robberies both in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties. It is believed these suspects targeted their victims through the Pokemon Go smartphone application.”

According to the statement, authorities believe the armed robbers used Pokemon Go to “add a beacon to a pokestop to lure more players. Apparently they were using the app to locate people standing around in the middle of a parking lot or whatever other location they were in.”

Asked by GameSpot sister site CNET about how police determined the suspects were using Pokemon Go, Sgt. Robert Kendall wouldn’t say. He did have this to say, however:

“We arrested all four suspects and recovered a handgun. We felt it important for our residents’ safety to share what we did know and remind them to be cognizant of their safety and surroundings.”

Be careful out there. Also, don’t play Pokemon Go while driving.


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