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All You Need To Know To Install And Start Playing Pokemon Go Straight Away

All You Need To Know To Install And Start Playing Pokemon Go Straight Away

Nintendo has released the app which has come as a bombshell. Millions of Ios and Android devices’ owners all over the earth have begun chasing for the virtual creatures from the augmented reality.
Pokemon Go is officially released only in such countries as the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. All other regions have to wait, but fortunately, the number of countries that are receiving the official launch of this mega-popular app is growing consistently.
The last week was marked by the recent update. The new version of the game 0.31.0 is rather contradictory, as some useful features and elements(i.e.tracker of the footsteps) have been eliminated. Besides, some players complain their progress have been lost.
So if you are among those who experience any issues with the gameplay or trying to find answers Pokemon Go problems instruction with no success, read the article below to get the information you need.
As soon as you have Pokémon Go installed on your mobile device, do not forget to have a look at the tips and tricks that will assist you in hunting for the rarest and strongest Pokemons, and finally to catch them all! What is more, this piece of advice contains the updated link to the new version of the game, ensuring safe and secure download and installation.
Just in case you are an absolute novice in the world of these virtual creatures, get acquainted with “Pokemon Go: A complete beginner’s guide” to have the idea what it’s all about.
You may come across with the often inability to connect to the server, which can be explained by an enormous popularity of this application. Have a look the Server Status page in order to see if it’s online. If it’s not, you will not be able to connect to the server.
Users, who are in the USA, UK Australia and other countries mentioned in the beginning, can download Pokémon Go on their Android and iOSdevices.But even if you do not belong to this lucky community, still there is a way to get the app straight away without the necessity to wait for an official launch. So if you want to fall into the new exciting adventure of Pokemon Go world, just keep reading.
How to download Pokémon Go for Android
In case there is no official version of Pokémon Go available through the Google Play store in your country, but you are longing to start playing, the instruction below will explain to you how to download the app from a third-party online source.

Download the Pokémon Go APK file
The first thing to do is adjusting the settings of your Android device to allow installation and running of the apps from the third-party sources. But please keep in mind that you need to be sure that you trust the sources when working with downloaded files in this mode. You may also have a look at the guides which describe in details how to avoid malware when downloaded Pokemon Go.
To begin with, open the Settings Menu and tap on Security. Open up Settings and go to Security. Turn on the setting “Unknown Sources”.
The next step is to download the Pokémon Go APK file. Open the browser on your device and enter the page with the apk file. Click on ‘DownloadAPK’.You will see the warning message, press “Ok” and the download will begin. The apk file placed on our site contains the latest version of PokémonGo.
When the download is finished, find the apk file in the corresponding folder of your Android Device and click on Install. This will start the installation process and in a few minutes, you’ll be ready to start playing the game. Good luck to you!

How to download and install Pokémon Go on iPhone
The download process for the owners of iOS device is a bit different. So if you are in the country where the official version is not available in AppStore, just fulfil the steps described below to download this exciting game. First of all, Log out of your Apple ID. The main idea is to make your Ios device believe that you are from the location where the official version is available.
Go to Settings Menu on your device, click on ‘Apple ID’ and choose to sign out. Then return to the settings, choose General Language Region. Choose one of the countries where the game is supported. Open the App Store and seek the app. In case it does not show up, select a free app to download and then click on ‘Create new Apple ID’.
Fulfill the process of creating an Apple ID, choose ‘None’ in the Billing menu and add an address of one of the countries that support Pokemon Go. You can pick up any address found through Google search.
Download Pokémon Go to your Ios device. When done, you are free to install the app. When the app is officially launched in your country, you will have to sign back using your initial Apple ID. But keep in mind that you may need to reinstall Pokémon Go. But if you save the data to the cloud, you’ll be able to keep all your achievements. We hope that the article has been helpful for you and now you will be able to download, install and enjoy playing Pokemon Go!

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