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7 Best PC RPGs Ever

7 Best PC RPGs Ever

Divinity: Original Sin

Release Date: June 30, 2014

Developer: Larian Studios

Divinity differs from other games on our list. First of all, the game was designed for co-op playing—even in the single mode, you can control two characters, making the conversations more interesting. Playing with a friend, you have a great possibility to participate in dialogs where somebody can choose to disagree or ruin your plans. Your partner can even kill the NPC with which you are communicating.

Secondly, nobody expected such success from a Kickstarter project.

The writing is excellent. Even a simple dog or a goblin can tell you a fascinating story. The studio paid a lot of attention to the development of the beautiful word and was rewarded with the gratitude of many players. The complex and reactive world is packed with intelligent NPCs. Another instrumental quality of Original Sin is that it feels like a kind of a pen-and-paper game.

With this game, Larian created a solid ground for going further in this direction of something impressive, strange, and flexible.

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