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5 Games for Completely New Gaming Experience

5 Games for Completely New Gaming Experience

Living is a tiring job, especially when you are an adult, and therefore you need to go to the office five days out of seven to earn your living. Of course, you can spend the two remaining days off on some active rest, socialization with friends, or other things advised by the lifestyle magazines. But we at Gamesdailynews are honest, and we know how it goes. We know you plan to spend your weekend relaxing on a couch, so here is a bunch of games for you to try.

If you feel ready for changes, put away the best 2015-2016 games for a while and try some of these. The games we are going to advise you may be not as brilliantly made as The Witcher or Metal Gear Solid but all of them have a special charm. Firstly, pay attention to the game called The Dream Machine. The game has captivating graphics and unique Claymation characters.

The second item in our list is called The Cat and The Coup, and it is more a work of art than a game. The game is a historical documentary made in a click style and viewed via the eyes of the main character’s cat. The plot revolves around the death of Iranian Prime Minister in 1953.  

SkrilleX Quest is a surreal game made according to the aesthetics of the 80s. It also features some dancing music from the games of that time. The game has a great concept. You must save the whole world (which looks like an 8-bit game cartridge or a ROM) from irregular “glitches” that try to conquer it.

Ruins is a game about a black dog chasing white rabbits through, well, ruins. It is so simple it does not even need any instructions. But the atmosphere is so captivating and charming that you will not be able to forget it after you play. Sketchy and obscure landscapes have a drifting effect, and soon you will find yourself completely captured by this poem-like story.

And the last option for an alternative gaming experience is the game called Dust. The game is beautifully designed. Moreover, it features a unique way of controlling things: you lead the main character, a creature that looks like a fairy, and moths that you have awakened on your way. We cannot guarantee you will like these games, but they will be a breath of fresh air in your overall gaming experience.

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