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10 Reasons Fallout 4 Failed to Become the Best Game of 2015

10 Reasons Fallout 4 Failed to Become the Best Game of 2015

We have been waiting to see the release of the Fallout 4 game for seven long years. But Bethesda Game Studios took its time and launched the game in 2015. The game was about to win everyone’s heart and grab all the possible awards. Many Fallout 4 rumours told us about some unbelievable improvements compared to the previous games in the series, visual aspects, and incredible gameplay that we were about to experience. The new masterpiece was to differ a lot from the Fallout 3 game. Moreover, the producers expected that their latest game would make a stellar impression. However, the game failed to become the best game of the year and, of course, did not win the Video Game of the Year award. Let us find out the reasons for that.

Graphically the Same

Let’s recall for how long it took Bethesda to develop the latest Fallout game. Think of the technical progress that transpired over this time or just think of some other recent games that are visually much better than the Fallout 3 video game was.   Bethesda Game Studios promised to enhance all the aspects of our beloved game, but reality turned out to be far below the expectations we had. Actually, we have been waiting for the Fallout 4 video game too long to see the essentially the same graphics as in the previous games in the series. We hope that it is still not too late, and the company will take some time to correct their mistake.


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